Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider


Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider

It’s time to Spring clean your body with these top tips for a healthier you. by Peter Minkoff



Be Your Own Hero

It’s your life. Do whatever you can to hold it together for your triumphs. by Jenn Sadai

The Science of Dick Pics


The Science of Dick Pics – Why DO Men Do It?

P.J.Bayliss goes to work on scientifically researching this penis portrait phenomenon. by PJ Bayliss

Black Charcoal Face Mask

Beauty & Style

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Black Face Mask That Peels Your Face Off

To anyone tempted by them, I have one simple message for you… DON’T. JUST DON’T!! by Amanda Carrington

Body Talk


Body Talk ~ Let Your Body Do The Talking

How you move, gesture, and make expressions can say as much as what comes out of your mouth. by Amanda Carrington

First Sex Doll Brothel

Love & Sex

Barcelona Opens First Sex Doll Brothel

Yes you heard, SEX DOLLS. Fellas, get a grip!! by Amanda Carrington

Bad Things


Bad Things ~ Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camila Cabello

Sometimes it’s the bad things that make life good 😉 by Amanda Carrington

After Effects Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

The After Effects of Domestic Abuse

You’ve finally freed yourself from an abusive relationship – now what do you do? by Jenn Sadai

Sunday Lunch With A Side Of What???

Diaries Of A Desperate Housewife

Sunday Lunch With A Side Of WHAT???

There’s a stench in the house and it needs to be found! Who is responsible? #Funny by Karen

Erotica Can Be Erotic

Love & Sex

Erotica Can Be Erotic

by Amanda Carrington